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4 Easy Home Décor Tips for the Chilled Retirement Life

4 Easy Home Décor Tips for the Chilled Retirement Life

“Does that sofa look better in this corner?”

“The porch needs to be re-done with new tiles, and expanded a bit at that.”

“A nice painting of horses would look lovely after repainting the living room.”

We understand if you find yourself redecorating your home more often. Now that your children are away, settling into new roles in life, it is natural to find yourself spending a lot of time rearranging and renovating your house with ideas you had shelved away years ago. And there is no better time than now!

It is never too late to start getting creative around the house. However, some décor tips can go a long way in making things accessible, comfortable, and beautiful at the same time. So here are four pointers that will help set up your home - yet again.

Un-clutter to unwind: It is natural to have a treasure trove of collectibles such as souvenirs, trophies, mementos, furniture, vessels, and other things that have not even been touched for years. Donating or disposing of those things (barring a few that are very dear to you), will save you the bother of keeping the whole collection clean, free up space in your little haven, and make your home safer to walk around in. The relaxation and relief that you will feel will be palpable - try it, but no pressure!

Paint to pleasantness: Repaint your home in hues pleasing to the eye, and feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Colours play a major role in not just transforming the space but also enhancing your mood. Websites like Urban Clap provide painting services at your doorstep. After you have got the interiors painted, you can order suitable canvas paintings from online collections.

Keep it comfy and convenient: Make small changes that can make your life simpler, such as keeping the landline close to your bedside, and moving switches for fans and lights closer to your sofa, dining table or bed where your hands can easily reach them. Get beds and chairs that are higher, so sitting and getting up becomes easier. Beds that are 25-36 inches tall should do, as long as the bed height levels at the knee. Want to get new comfortable mattresses? You can always check them out at our beds and mattress section. Consider anti-skid tiles in your bathrooms to avoid untoward accidents. Install shelves that can be easily reached and do not require you to risk climbing up, and try not to stack heavy items in storage, so you don’t have to worry about mishaps or lifting heavy loads.

Bring in Friends from Nature: Did you know that watching fish can help lower blood pressure and elevate your mood? Few things are as soothing to the eye as little fish swimming among underwater shrubs in a lovely aquarium – consider getting one. If you have a green thumb, you probably have plants for friends in your garden already! Place your favourite potted plants, bonsai trees, or succulents near your living room windows.

Time to breathe some fresh life into your home!

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