3 Misconceptions About Doctors

3 Misconceptions About Doctors

Except for those times when we were kids and trying to bunk school; no one really enjoys trips to a doctor. We ignore health issues at first, and then we try and treat them ourselves first; it’s only when all else fails that we turn to a doctor. So, when everybody seems to love the profession; otherwise, why are we so reluctant to approach doctors?

 Doctor helping his patient




By and large, our society has many preconceived notions about this noble profession. Let's bust some of these myths and highlight the underlying facts about doctors.


Doctors Mint Money 

This misconception may be the root cause of a medical career being the most sought-after career choice – or a matrimonial choice for that matter – among parents, for their kids. While a well-established, renowned doctor might truly earn well, many don't realize the time and effort a doctor needs to invest in achieving that level of expertise and fame. To add to that, unlike other professionals who start earning early, most doctors start earning much later - working for meager stipends for a long duration even after completing their education.


And though there are some unethical professionals in this field like in every other field, it is not okay to generalize that all doctors overcharge their patients to make money. 


They are Super-Healthy

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Doctors are humans! They fall sick as often as the rest of us do – thanks to the erratic working hours, high pressure, and hectic lifestyle, which leaves little room to take care of their health. The only difference is, he/she might be able to identify the symptoms earlier.


They Invent "New" Diseases


We tend to disbelieve most of what we don’t understand. A common misconception about doctors is that they diagnose diseases that did not exist in the first place, throwing medical jargon at us, which we really cannot comprehend – the truth is that the symptoms of some diseases are not that apparent and most don’t have the knowledge to know better. The fact is your doctor is simply trying to give the best medical support to heal you.


Don’t fall prey to myths and wait till the last to visit a doctor when you need help - prevention is always better than cure - nip the issue in the bud at the right time. Choose a healthcare provider who makes you comfortable. Clear your apprehensions, check reviews of the concerned doctor or consider talking to your relatives/friends - but do not avoid going to one.


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