15 Herbal Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

15 Herbal Skin Care Products for Glowing Skin

As we age, so does the largest organ in the body. Exposed to the sun, smoke, and chemicals in daily-use products, it tends to sag, wrinkle, and stretch with time.

Yes, we are talking about your skin! The all-important organ that separates and protects your body from the environment. While staying healthy with diet and exercise makes a big difference, a skincare routine is equally essential to your overall well-being.

Using natural herbal and ayurvedic skincare products ensures that your skin retains its youth and vitality over extended periods of time.

“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not” ~ Dr. Howard Murad


Why Use Herbal Skincare Products over Regular Skincare Products


Herbal skincare products are made with natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and are less likely to cause breakouts and other skin irritations. Regular skincare products, on the other hand, are chemical-laden. They may lead to wrinkles, spots, or skin damage.

Not only are natural products better for your skin, but they are also better for the environment. There you go, another major reason to go all natural! Commercial beauty products contain chemicals that are washed down the drain, contaminate waterways, and lead to more pollution.


Skincare Tips for Seniors


Older adults often deal with skin that becomes thin and dry, and the ideal way to keep it supple is to follow a natural skincare routine. Skin that gets too dry is prone to cracking, dermatitis, and infection.

For healthy skin, here are some essential things seniors should do:

  • Avoid hot baths and frequent showers.
  • Use only mild soaps, and after every shower or bath, gently apply a moisturizer on the skin.
  • Never expose skin to the sun without having sunscreen on.


The Secret to Naturally Glowing Skin


Eat right. Sleep well. Exercise daily. Protect your skin.

When we focus on nutrition, overall fitness, and a natural skincare routine, we get closer to achieving glowing skin. Natural remedies are not fast and take time to show results. So, the key is to be consistent in your choices and routines.

The number one cause of wrinkles, age spots, and skin damage is the sun. Using sunscreen is essential as the sun's harmful UV rays destroy the skin’s natural oils and elasticity and cause the face to age.


Ways to Prevent Dry Skin and Itching


  • Moisturize your skin every day with a good natural lotion, cream, or ointment.
  • Use a mild soap and don’t bathe very frequently. Use warm water instead of very hot water as it is less drying than hot water.
  • Use a humidifier to add moisture to the air inside the house.


15 Herbal Skincare Products for Glowing Skin


Pick from this selection of some of the best herbal and ayurvedic skincare products for a glowing you.

1. Skin Care Pack (Herbocharm Face Pack and Herbofit) – Dr. Vaidya

Dr. Vaidya’s Herbocharm and Herbofit Ayurvedic Skin Care Pack, keeps your skin healthy & glowing, inside out.

Made using 21 effective ayurvedic ingredients, it helps boost your immunity, fight skin diseases, maintain skin moisture, and prevents premature aging.


  • 100% natural and chemical-free
  • Goodness of Chyawanprash
  • GMP certified

2. Aloe Vera Skin Gel (500 gm) - Green Leaf

This all-natural Green Leaf Aloe Vera Skin Gel, with 90% aloe vera helps keep skin supple, regenerates new tissues, and promotes healthy cell renewal. It also helps reduce inflammation, treat acne, rashes, sunburns, minor cuts, wounds, minor skin eruptions, and other skin allergies.


  • Suitable for men & women
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Free from preservatives and harmful chemicals

3. Ayurvedic Cleansing Face Pack (100 gm) - All skin types Ubtan – Omved

Made with a unique blend of clays and Ayurvedic herbs, this soothing face and skin cleaning powder by Omved, leaves the skin feeling perfectly cleansed and hydrated.

Packed with natural skin-toning ingredients such as turmeric, green moong, black urad, manjistha powder and vetiver, it enhances your skin's natural beauty, rejuvenates it, and removes impurities as well as dead cells.


  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Prevents acne
  • Free from chemicals and drying agents

4. Manuka Honey Skin Lotion (200ml) – Dr. Organic

Dr. Organic’s Manuka Honey skin lotion, made with honey which is native to New Zealand, instantly hydrates and moisturizes the skin leaving it perfectly balanced, revitalized and smooth.

A lightweight lotion, it contains bioactive and natural ingredients such as aloe vera, apple fruit, shea cocoa butter, and sunflower seed oil.


  • Has antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits
  • Non-greasy formula, suitable for everyday use
  • Free from parabens

5. Herbal Sun Prosperity Sunscreen (100 gm) - Paul Penders Botanicals

A traditional, non-sticky formulation, enriched with Levens Essentie gold, this mixture of 22 organically grown herbs offers perfect protection from harsh sun rays. The Herbal Sun Prosperity sunscreen by Paul Penders Botanicals provides a soothing effect on the skin.


  • Phthalate-free, Paraben-Free and SLS-Free
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free
  • Quickly absorbs into the skin

6. Herbal After-Sun Lotion (150 ml) - Paul Penders Botanicals

Enriched with 22 of the finest organic herbs, Paul Penders Herbal After-Sun lotion contains emollients that are derived from selected botanical cold-pressed plant oils. This gentle formula calms the skin and keeps it soft, smooth, nourished and moisturized.


  • Ideal for all skin types
  • Phthalate-free, paraben-free, and SLS-free

7. Absolute Skin (80 ml) - Wash Safe

Absolute Skin by Wash Safe is a perfect blend of soothing plant extracts and sugar bio vectors which help in cleansing, moisturising, and nurturing the skin. It’s an excellent ‘one wipe’ makeup remover.


  • Just spray, wipe and feel refreshed
  • Balances skin pH 5.5
  • Free from mineral oil, paraben and alcohol
  • Available in a compact container, ideal for travel

8. Skin Purifying Face Scrub (150 ml) – Vasu

Enriched with neem and natural black sand, this Skin Purifying Face Scrub by Vasu, is perfect for cleansing the skin. It has a detoxifying & exfoliating effect on the skin because it unclogs the pores and eliminates deep settled dirt, pollutants, and dead skin.


  • Helps prevent acne
  • No parabens, no silicones, no mineral oils
  • Suitable for all skin types

9. Poshak Herbal Massage Oil (200 ml) - Chirayu Pharmaceuticals

Enriched with the goodness of almond oil and olive oil, the Poshak herbal massage oil is rich in proteins and other nutrients.


  • Ayurvedic massage oil
  • Formulated from almond, olive and sandalwood oil
  • Helps tone the skin

10. Kum Kumadi Tailam Oil For Radiant Skin (50 ml) – Vasu

An ancient formula, the Kumkumadi Tailam oil by Vasu, is enriched with saffron & kumkumadi extract and is 100% pure & herbal.

It is ideal for blackhead removal, fairness, anti-acne & pimples, scar removal, moisturisation & nourishment, and oil control.


  • Skin-friendly herbal oil
  • Helps remove blemishes & marks

11. Dry Skin Relief Moisturizer (30 gm) - Paul Penders Botanicals

Paul Penders Botanical’s Dry Skin Relief moisturiser provides long-lasting moisturisation to the skin. Made with cooling and soothing herbs, it prevents the skin from becoming dry, itchy, flaky, and dehydrated.


  • Phthalate-free, Paraben-Free and SLS-Free
  • 100% vegan

12. Blueberry Skin Radiance Kit - Cleanser, Toner and Moisturizer (250 gm) - Richfeel

This Blueberry Skin Radiance Kit by Richfeel, contains different products that help sooth your skin and nourish your face.

Filled with high-quality active ingredients, like purified water, aloe leaf juice, and glycerine, this herbal skincare kit works on your skin to leave it feeling fresh, clean, soft, and nourished.


  • Provides nourishment and care for the skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

13. Skin Brightening Cream (Multani Mitti and Coco Butter) (50 gm) - The Man Company

This skin brightening cream by The Man Company is a blend of multani mitti, coco butter, and tamarind. Rich in magnesium chloride, it helps reduce acne, remove blackheads, and replenish the skin’s moisture.


  • Provides even-toned skin
  • Suitable for all skin types

14. Almond Herbal Soap (125 gm x 4) - Khadi Organique

Handcrafted with a blend of essential oils and pure natural ingredients, the Almond Herbal Soap by Organique has a high concentration of vitamin E, which helps moisturise and restore the water content of the skin.


  • Has a high concentration of vitamin E
  • Fight the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps your skin fresh and rejuvenated

15. Herbal Anti-Blemish Cream (50 gm) - Khadi Organique

Herbal Anti-Blemish Cream by Khadi Organique has the goodness of fenugreek and grapeseed and is the perfect treatment for most of your skin problems. Fenugreek soothes the skin and prevents breakouts, while grapeseed has mild astringent properties that help maintain the skin’s elasticity.


  • Gives your skin an even skin tone
  • Controls melanin production and prevents skin darkening
  • Gives you blemish and acne-free skin

To retain the natural glow and radiance of your skin, holding on to your age is not an option, but slowing it down is.

Remember, pampering your skin with these natural herbal products is the second-best thing you can do to look youthful; the first being, keeping your smile on all the time.

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