12 Gifting Ideas for Your Grandchildren

12 Gifting Ideas for Your Grandchildren

Getting the right gifts for grandchildren is no longer a time consuming and perplexing task.

As grandparents, we love to surprise them each time, but the likes and choices of the new generation might not be something that we are in sync with.

Buying a gift that the child might not like basically defeats the entire purpose. So, we have come up with a curated list of gifts for your grandchildren across all age-groups.

1. Unique Games


Some kids love board games. If you and your grandchild bond over board games, buy them some unique games from your days that they can’t find anywhere else.

2. Books


Most things are done online today. This means, that kids are losing touch with the world of books. Introduce them to it by buying them different kinds of books. Read with them or read to them and let them discover the joy of reading.

3. Personalized Gifts


Buy them a personalized gift, the ones that they can enjoy even at a much later stage. Puzzle board, for instance. Let them have fun as they join the puzzle and later hang it as a picture portrait.

4. Hobbies


There are a lot of hobby kits available. If crafts are something your grandchild enjoys, get a hobby box and teach your grandchild to create their first masterpiece.

5. Activity Box Subscription


There are many curated theme-based activity boxes that are fun and educational as well. You can buy an activity box or take a subscription.

6. Toys and Books - Library Subscription


Kids get bored faster than before! New toys and books are great but buying one each time can get expensive. A good alternative is a library subscription for toys and books. Both your kids and grandkids would thank you for this!

7. DIY Model Kits


If your grandchild is into making models, this is a perfect gift! Making a model of their favourite car or trying to build a robot, or drone together will be the most exciting time spent together.

8. Gardening Kit


Instead of gifting something that might not be useful after some years, give your grandchild a life-long interest! Spend some time with them in the sun and teach them a lesson or two about nature, help them understand the importance of protecting the environment.

Add some potted plants and seeds and your grandchild could be on her way to create her very own balcony garden!

9. Wireless Headphones


Suitable for older grandchildren, but who does not love a good headphone?

Smart wireless headphones are perfect gift for your grandchildren specially if they are moving out for college or if they enjoy travelling.

10. Gaming CDs


Interactive games are a big thing. If your grandkids have an Xbox or PlayStation at home, gift them a game CD, and watch them play for hours.

11. Musical Instruments


Musical instruments are something that most kids find fascinating. If your grandkid fancies a guitar, or has developed a new interest in percussion instruments, gift them a set of drums – or go classical and gift them a tabla!

12. Sports Equipment


As kids grow, their interest in sports grows too! This time, why don’t you buy them their favourite sports equipment or the jersey of their favourite player and give them another

Try one or more of the above gift ideas and watch your grandchild enjoy themselves! What gift does your grandchild love the most? Share your experience in the comments below. If you have other gift suggestions, share them as well, and help other grandparents out!

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