10 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens to Overcome Boredom

10 Fun Activities for Senior Citizens to Overcome Boredom

Time to bust a myth about life after retirement.

A senior’s life is anything but boring! Almost all the things that couldn’t be done because of work schedules and commitments can be accomplished after retirement. Having unstructured days gives you the time and freedom of being able to do anything you want. However, some of us may find the idea of having so much free time on our plates quite daunting when we are unable to find productive ways to spend our days.

So, depending on your personality, preferences and hobbies, we have listed a few fun things to do after retirement that can breathe a new interest in your life.


1. Read Books



Books are a blessing. To quote Stephen King, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” Given the abundance of time you have, you can discover various genres of books and novels. So, pick up the book that you have been meaning to read for a long time now, make yourself a cup of aromatic tea , sit back on your chair , and read away!


2. Try New Forms of Exercise



You are never too old to exercise! Join a yoga class or a gym, or just spread a mattress in the backyard of your home and meditate every day. Among senior citizens, exercise has been shown to prevent many diseases, lower the risk of chronic health conditions, improve flexibility, strength, and cognitive function. These post retirement activities are excellent ways to take care of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

You can also find out about early morning laughter clubs. Along with exercising, they are a great means to socialize with other people.


3. Explore New Hobbies



You can make beautiful paintings in oil, acrylic or water colour medium. You can learn to play your favourite songs on the guitar. You can practice wood sculpture, clay murals or stone carving. You can also design some aesthetic jewellery, learn resin art, do embroidery, learn origami, and watch historic documentaries. There are so many options to choose from creative ideas for hobbies after retirement.

Picking up a hobby can also prove to be refreshing and stress relieving. So, what is that one thing you’ve always wanted to learn? Now is the time to go for it!


4. Discover New Cuisines



The world’s famous cuisines are constantly being introduced to us. With so many more adventurous eateries within easy reach right in your city or town, you never know what might tantalize your taste buds.


5. Start Gardening



Gardening is a highly rewarding and peaceful way to spend your time. You can grow various kinds of plants- bonsai, hibiscus, rose, cactus, money plants, vines, fruit and vegetable bearing plants, and so many more! Whether you prefer to have a home garden or just grow some plants in discrete pots in your balcony, gardening is a great way to keep yourself busy.


6. Learn Baking



Baking is a great hobby to pick up as an activity after retirement. You can learn to bake cakes, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, different kinds of bread and a lot more delicious and healthy dishes! And the best part? You and your loved ones get to try new and yummy food all the time!

You can also experiment with new and exotic cuisines. From South Indian sambhar to Punjabi chole bhature and even Rajasthani Khichadi, you can learn to cook different dishes.


7. Step Out




Start playing an outdoor sport like badminton, squash, cricket or tennis. Go out on peaceful trips - a day by the beach, a picnic by the lake. Take a leisurely trip around the city in the mornings.

Explore the world, from monasteries to churches, gardens, hill stations, and historic monuments, visit all the places that you have been meaning to. Add new places to visit on your bucket list, pack all your travel essentials and keep striking them off.



8. Socialize



Spend quality time with your loved ones. Meet your friends for a casual carom or chess match. Go out for lunch with your grandchildren.

Technology makes connecting with people a lot easier . Video call your children and learn to use social media apps such as Facebook, Skype and Whatsapp so you can stay connected with all your friends and family members and keep yourself updated on what is happening around the world.


9. Enjoy the Movie Magic




Remember, when first-day-first-show was the only plan you wanted to make? Well, now you have the time - Bollywood, Hollywood and the rest of the Indian film industry is all out to give you the best in comedy, action, romance, thrillers and more.


10. Attend Your Alumni Get-togethers




A great way to rekindle your friendships, memories and laughter. It’s a time to meet and rediscover people we knew, a time to appreciate and enjoy our past in our present.

The list of fun activities to do after retirement is never ending and are never boring. So go ahead, do all that you can with your free time, make the most of your retirement and live life to the fullest!

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