10 Engaging Activities for Seniors on Christmas

10 Engaging Activities for Seniors on Christmas

'Tis the season of Christmas and the preparations are already in full swing. Despite the problems and challenges that we face throughout the year, the festival of Christmas brings about a feeling of hope and joy.

It is indeed a time of love and we can strive to make it even more memorable for our seniors. Although they may be facing various health issues, the Christmas season can be the most exciting and enjoyable period for the elderly.

Keeping that in mind, we have compiled a list of the 9 best Christmas activities for seniors. These are fun-filled activities that will keep the Christmas spirits high and will also allow seniors to experience a unique way of celebration.

Psst....don't forget to check out the 10th and most special Christmas activity for seniors right at the end of this article.

1. Secret Santa

Let’s get the most obvious Christmas activity out of the way first. Secret Santa is one of the most popular activities for seniors on Christmas day. A Secret Santa game involves each participant receiving the name of another randomly selected participant.

On Christmas Day, they must then anonymously leave a gift for the other participant and that person must guess who was their Secret Santa. It is an exciting Christmas activity for seniors that encourages them to make new friends, form meaningful bonds and look for unique gift ideas for Christmas as well.

2. Decorating a Christmas Tree

This is one of the best activities that can get the elderly into the Christmas vibe. Seniors are fond activities that keep them engaged while also allowing them to have some fun.

Decorating a Christmas tree is a simple task that will allow them to showcase their creative side. This Christmas activity for seniors will also give them an opportunity to spend some quality time with their grandchildren.

3. Art and Craft

Other than decorating a beautiful Christmas tree, seniors can also try to learn different types of art and craft. Since, they love to stay productive, seniors can spend their time in creating different types of decoration items for the house.

Online Craft Workshops for seniors are also available where they can learn easy ways to build something unique and attractive. While there are various benefits of art and craft for the elderly, decorating the house during Christmas might be the most interesting one of those.

4. Try Delicious Christmas Recipes

Most seniors love to cook and they spend most of their time experimenting and trying out different recipes. During this season of joy, seniors can try their hand at some classic Christmas recipes like cakes and pies.

Apart from some delicious Christmas recipes to celebrate this festive season, seniors can also join Virtual Cooking Workshops where they can try different types of healthy recipes and learn simple valuable tips on how to improve their cooking game.

5. Christmas Bingo/Tambola

What better way to celebrate the Christmas season than playing a classic game of Tambola with friends and family. Although seniors may not be able to physically travel, they can join others in attending a game of Online Tambola.

This is an exciting Christmas activity for seniors as it offers some much-needed fun and also offers ideal mental stimulation. Also, the Online Tambola Sessions will help them make new friends and have some healthy social interaction as well.

6. Movie Nights

One of the best things about the Christmas season is the endless amount of Christmas movies available to watch. A movie night will surely lighten up the mood and will also allow the elderly to get involved in a fun and exciting family activity.

It is indeed one of the simplest Christmas activity for seniors. A Christmas Movie night will also give them a bit of nostalgia as they re-watch some of their favorite classic movies.

7. Trivia Nights

Just like movie nights, a fun night of quizzes and trivia can be one of the best Christmas activities for seniors. These simple trivia games can prove to quite beneficial for their mental stimulation as well.

Moreover, seniors can join Online Quiz Sessions where they can compete against some virtual friends and experience a unique way of connection and bonding.

8. Dance Therapy

Christmas is a time of spreading joy, showing kindness and dancing to your heart’s content. Although it might seem difficult for some, a dance therapy session is exactly the kind of thing that seniors need to try this Christmas season.

Dance therapy sessions are helpful for seniors who face mobility issues as it helps them improve their overall strength and balance. Nowadays, seniors can be a part of Virtual Dance Therapy sessions, where they can groove and sway to the music from the comfort of their homes.

9. Play Online Games

Even though simple board games are a lot of fun, seniors can choose to embrace the digital world and play some exciting games in a virtual way. Events like Online Antakshari and Open Mic Sessions are ideal Christmas activities for seniors.

While they allow the elderly to showcase their talent and have fun, online games are also known to help improve cognitive health among seniors.

Since, it might be difficult for seniors to search for platforms that conduct such activities, we have just the ideal solution for them. This solution is a highly exciting one and it also happens to be the special activity for seniors during Christmas….

10. Join the Seniors Club

The Seniors Club is a virtual platform where the elderly can easily participate in most of the above mentioned activities, that too from the comfort of their homes.

A platform that is designed to bring people together, the Seniors Club gives the elderly an opportunity to connect with different people, explore new ideas, learn useful skills and have a whole lot of fun.

Seniors can choose from a wide range of activities like Online Antakshari, Virtual Zumba Sessions, Online Cooking Workshops, Virtual Yoga Sessions and much more. Join the Seniors Club by clicking on the link below and – “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”


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