10 Board Games That You Can Play During Self-Quarantine

10 Board Games That You Can Play During Self-Quarantine

Had enough of sipping on Dalgona coffee and watching cooking masters exhibiting their skills? Tired of television and web series? Ditch all these and gather your family or housemates to cherish these moments. We are sure we can help you make the most of this lockdown, for you never know when you’ll ever get to spend so much time under one roof together.

Life indoors can become “all work and less play”, revolving around food routines, home routines, doing dishes, working, and sleeping. Yes, we get it, you miss bonding with other people and friends outside the home space. You may miss playing that game of badminton or golf. But there is more you can do at home – pick from this list of fun board games - enjoy in the comfort of your house. Kill the boredom and have a fun-filled lockdown!!

Some of the best board games of all time!


1. UNO


This classic game is everyone’s favorite. Easy to learn and play, this card game is liked by people of all age groups. You will never get bored with this one, as it does not make you scratch your head much and you never know how hours pass while playing this game.

Players required 2–10.


2. Cluedo



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If you're a fan of Agatha Christie, Cluedo is the key to a fun game night. This Hasbro game is based on a classic whodunit case and all you need to do is challenge the grey cells to find the murderer with the help of cards that give out clues.

Players required 2–6.


3. Card Games


Card games are an essential at every family gathering. And what better opportunity than this lockdown to pull out that poker face and fool everybody?


4. Ludo



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When in doubt, trust Ludo for a perfect game night. Even two players can entertain themselves with this simple version of the Indian game Pachisi. If you do not have a board game, simply download the Ludo game app on your phone and invite your friends to play!

Players required 2–4.


5. Scrabble


Are you an avid reader, a grammar Nazi? If yes, it's time to unleash your word power and win with your vocabulary.

Players required 2–4.


6. Sequence



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As the name suggests, the objective of this board game is to arrange your poker chips in a sequence to get a straight row, based on your cards. As it can be played with two to twelve players, the number of people that can be accommodated is never a worry.


7. Taboo



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Love word games? If yes, Taboo is another game just for you. You need at least four players, with two teams as opponents. Your partner has to guess the word that you're describing on the card. If your partner misses guessing the word, your opponent scores.

Players required: At least two teams of two members each.


8. Scattergories



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Remember a simple game you may have played as a child – Name-Place-Animal-Thing? Scattergories is just that, designed into a board game. All you need to do is list down words belonging to a category (e.g., a food item, flower, animal), starting from a specific letter.

No maximum limit on the number of players.


9. Sorry!



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Want sweet revenge from your fellow-players? If yes, pick up Sorry! Every player gets four pawns and moves around the board with the help of cards. You can plot, plan and race against your opponents to reach your home base first.

Players required 2–4.


10. Scotland Yard



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Are you in a mood to be Sherlock Holmes and are ready to exercise your brain? If yes, pick Scotland Yard. Detectives have to catch a criminal on the run, through various modes of transport, while his current location remains hidden. Although even three players can play this game, the more the merrier!

Players required 3–6.

During these times, technology can be your best friend. A lot of these games have moved online, and you can try them out if you do not have these board games handy. With detailed instructions and easy videos available for every game online, we are sure you'll be winning in no time!

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