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Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Devotional Music Online

Your Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Devotional Music Online

“Where there is Devotional Music, God with his grace is always present.”

This 18th century quote by renowned German composer and musician, Johann Sebastian Bach, summarizes the power of devotional music in our life.

In India, devotional music is seen as the best way to connect with God. Not only do you find people expressing their devotion through music, but musical instruments have also become an integral part of various traditions and rituals.

Devotion and Music – A Strong Connection

For a long time now, music has been intertwined with devotion. Seen as the ultimate form of devotion, music is used to express love, passion and harmony towards God.

Saints, thinkers and religious figures of the past saw music as a way of spreading God’s message. This gave rise to some of the most popular devotional prayers and songs, that are recited by people even today.

The reason for the longevity of devotion through music can be attributed to the fact that music is a pure and soulful medium. Thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to say or speak, can be easily expressed through music.

Music has become a major part of every religion. In fact, many Gods are even depicted as holding various musical instruments. For example, Goddess Saraswati is shown playing the Veena while Lord Krishna is shown playing the flute.

These depictions establish a strong connection between music and devotion. Also, they manage to show how devotional music can improve our lifestyle.

With that being said, here is a list of the best devotional music that will help you stay connected with God and will give your day a refreshing start as well.

Bhajan Vaani – Shemaroo

This portable audio player with a collection of over 1000 bhajans, aartis, jaaps, mantras and stotras. The voices of legendary artists such as Anup Jalota, Anuradha Paudwal, Suresh Wadkar, Narendra Chanchal, Richa Sharma, Amey Date, and Sadhna Sargam are featured in this device.

  • Bonus section of Amritvani, Chalisa, Namavali and Ashtrakam
  • Bluetooth-enabled with IR remote
  • Features legendary artists

Ganesha Bhajan Bluetooth Speaker - Shemaroo

This Bluetooth speaker is preloaded with an exclusive collection of over 221 Bhajans, Aartis, Jaaps, Mantras, and Stotras. The devotional songs are in Hindi and Marathi languages sung by legendary artists like Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal, and Amey Date.

  • Audio Guided Assistance makes it easy to use
  • You can connect USB device and a Memory card with the Ganesha Bhajan Vaani
  • Compact and lightweight

Hanuman Bhakti - Times Music

This music card is a special compilation of songs in praise of Hanuman. It creates a peaceful ambience and allows you to experience a spiritual connect with God. The Hanuman Bhakti music card offers a unique compilation of Hanuman Bhakti songs.

  • It is pre-loaded with more than 50 HD quality songs
  • It works with USB input devices that support MP3 playback
  • Comes with a booklet with full playlist and artist details

Shri Krishna Bhajan Vaani - Shemaroo

This portable audio player comes with specially assembled collection of 251 Bhajans, Aartis, Jaaps, Mantras and Stotras. Legendary artists like Anup Jalota, Suresh Wadkar, Anuradha Paudwal, Sadhna Sargam, Praful Dave and Kumar Sanu are featured in this product.

  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Top Shri Krishna devotional songs in Hindi and Gujarati
  • Beautifully designed speaker with built-in LED light

Music has the power to help us connect with our inner selves. These devotional music options will allow you to have a clear mind and may act as stress-busters as well.

During these tough times, devotional music will allow you to offer prayers from the comfort of your own home. And, most importantly, it helps you move closer to God and allows you to experience a greater understanding.

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