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Ways To Find Relief During Pain

Ways To Find Relief During Pain


The post-retirement phase is an important part of the seniors’ lives. While there are a number of positives associated with old age, it also comes with a lot of health problems which need to be dealt with effectively. If left untreated, these problems can completely disrupt the daily lives of the elderly. To be able to stay healthy, it is essential to be aware of the common health issues that may arise due to ageing so people can be better equipped to handle them.


Different types of aches and pains in seniors

The most common types of problems affecting elderly people include:

1. Severe pain in body parts including neck, lower back, feet, and nerve pain.

2. Pain in joints and inflammation of the knees, spine, hips, etc.

3. Stiffness in joints.


What are the common health concerns of old age?

As you get older, a number of health conditions start developing. Among them, the most common ones include:

a) Knee Arthritis

One of the most common concerns of old age, Arthritis, a musculoskeletal disease, affects almost 50% of the older adults to varying degrees. Arthritis is a condition when the cartilage between the joints wears out and gradually starts affecting other areas including feet, hips, spine, etc.  Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are the two most common types of arthritis that affect elders. Arthritis pain can be extremely problematic for seniors and lead to a decline in the quality of life.

b) Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is another common health condition that an increasing number of seniors have to deal with. The condition is characterized by low bone mass in the body which makes your bones incapable of functioning optimally. This results in the bones becoming increasingly brittle over time and as a result, they are more susceptible to damage. 

c) Disc diseases (degenerative in nature)

A large number of old people suffer from degenerative disc diseases. This happens when discs in the neck and lower back degenerate, thus pressing against the nerves or spinal cord leading to severe pain in the neck, lower back, and other parts of the body.

d) Frozen shoulders and bone spurs

Calcified growths occurring in the neck and alongside the spine, shoulders, knee, etc. often causes bone spurs and frozen shoulders in old age. There are various reasons which can cause these problems such as prolonged shoulder immobilization, or other conditions such as arthritis.



Effective ways to relieve the pain

As you age you need to be proactive about your health to lower the risk of serious problems at a later stage. Some measures that you can take to relieve the pain caused by common age troubles include:

-Listen to your body and watch out for any signs of trouble when they arise.

-Maintain a healthy lifestyle while watching your diet.

-Make sure to lead a healthy life and try to remain active in your old age. Also, visit your doctor regularly for checkups.


How can you manage the pain better?

There are various products available in the market that you can look at to alleviate the severity of the pains caused by such conditions. Some of them are:


a) Orthopedic Electric Heating Belt Knee - Activeheat Ultima Range

Orthopedic Electric Heating Belt Knee

An extremely effective product to deal with joint pain, this heating pad is easy to use and completely safe with excellent features including: -Dual thermostat and heavy duty imported heating coil. -Six layers of insulated safety. -Three different heat settings to control the temperature. The product works by dilating the blood vessels in the targeted area to enhance the perfusion of blood and augment its circulation which reduces pain in the affected area.


b) Instant Pain Relief Massager Pillow

Pain Massager Pillow

Convenient to use, this massage pillow provides instant relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain. Among the main benefits of using the product are: -The product uses magnetic thermotherapy to provide great relief from fatigue, sleep disorders, etc. -Extremely lightweight, easy to handle, and helps in improving blood circulation in the body.


c) Heating Pad Ortho Universal

Heating Pad

An extremely user-friendly device that provides controlled hot fomentation to the affected area and helps in decreasing muscle spasms, and tension in muscles. Some of the features and benefits include: -Excellent design with water repellent thermostat for uniform heating. -Robust safety features to provide complete protection. -Highly flexible and easy to use.

d) Foot Spa - Beurer

Foot Spa

Available in the form of an excellent massager, Foot Spa Massagers make you relax and helps you rejuvenate instantly. You can get rid of feet pain with this amazing product whose features include: -Water heating, vibration massage, and bubble massage as well. -Comes with supporting footbed for painless massaging. -Convenient to use with a spray guard, draining outlet, and an anti-slip rubber foot. Parting thoughts Successfully reaching the age of 60 is a milestone in itself. Although it is difficult to control the physical conditions that can arise with advancing age, it is definitely possible to take charge of your own health and fitness. Instead of having to battle the troubles, this post-retirement period should be enjoyed to the fullest extent!     

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