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How to Use YouTube - A Quick Guide for Seniors

How to Use YouTube - A Quick Guide for Seniors

What is the one place where you can watch quick health remedies, learn how to exercise better, and master that new snack your grandchild loves? That’s right - there exists no other website as popular as YouTube for creating, viewing and sharing videos online.

 YouTube icon

You have a question – this is where you can see an answer. For instance, here’s the Eldergym Senior Fitness channel on how to get up from or get down to the floor.

The benefits seniors can reap from browsing the right YouTube channels are numerous. So let’s begin with the basics of YouTube.

How to Find Videos on YouTube? 

It is as simple as searching for something on Google. Just type what you are looking for in the search bar in the YouTube app or website - for instance, “Kishor Kumar songs” and videos that match your search query will appear in a list. 

To watch, click any video in the list and it will play automatically. You can click like or dislike, or enter a comment below the video. 

If you like a particular channel of videos created by a user, you can ‘subscribe’ to that channel and receive notifications from your favorite channels by clicking on the bell icon on the top right-hand side.

Types of Videos on YouTube

DIY (Do It Yourself)
Pick up a new hobby and learn through interesting DIY projects, art and craft videos on YouTube.
Needless to say, this platform is a huge source of entertainment—you can watch movies, short stories, sports, dance videos, compilations of funny videos, tourist destinations, and listen to a whole variety of music.
Educational Videos 
Learn about technology, science, politics, literature, flora & fauna, etc. by subscribing to educational videos.
YouTube recipe videos are quite popular since they help viewers see a quick step-by-step guide.
Learn New Skills
This can be a great platform to learn new skill sets such as knitting, baking, painting, carpentry, soft skills, or even pick up some computer-related skills.
You will find a plethora of fitness and motivational videos on this platform. A word of caution here, please seek advice from your medical professional before you start following a fitness routine as suggested in any of those videos.

You can watch all these categories of videos and learn – or get creative and start your own YouTube channel to have your say, share knowledge and teach skills.

How to Create a YouTube Channel 

YouTube video

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading your videos is no rocket science! Just follow this simple step-by-step guide and start sharing videos.

  • Go to YouTube.com

Enter your email id and password to sign in (top right-hand corner)

  • Click on Create a New Channel

  • Write the brand name of your choice and start by uploading a video.

Capture 3.PNG

  • Write the brand name of your choice and start by uploading a video.

3 Simple Tips to Grow Your YouTube Channel 

-Upload videos regularly to enjoy a loyal fan following
-Stay away from negative comments and do not get affected by the wonder why hashtags are so popular? Using them can help you reach a wider audience. Hence, use the relevant ones generously!

What's more - you can even earn some money out of your videos by collaborating with brands and advertising. If not anything, for the sheer love of sharing knowledge with the world, you can start by sharing recipes, a craft you have learned, exercise videos, Zumba dance, and others. 


Like Grandpa Kitchen making Aloo Dum Biryani above - broadcast yourself!

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