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Home Exercising Made Easy – 10 Awesome Workout Aids & Equipment for Seniors

Home Exercising Made Easy – 10 Awesome Workout Aids & Equipment for Seniors

We have spoken a lot about the importance of being physically fit and maintaining a good shape, especially towards the later stages of your life. In this article, we are going to talk about HOW you can do it without really having to join a gym!

Contrary to popular perception, the definition of ‘working out’ is not restricted to hitting the gym and lifting heavy weights regularly. While going to the gym is by no means a bad idea, there are several other ways to keep yourself physically active and fit.

Indulging in outdoor (or indoor) sports, cycling, swimming, running and even walking every day can do wonders to your body. All you need to do is discipline yourself and get into the habit of enjoying your workout sessions.

Benefits of exercising regularly

While it is no secret that daily exercise can have unarguable advantages in the short as well as long-term, here is a quick look at some of the key benefits:

• Maintaining a well-toned body

• Managing weight and controlling or preventing obesity

• Improving immunity

• Enhancing bone strength, muscle power, and joint flexibility

• Reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases

• Preventing or controlling diabetes and high blood pressure

• Increasing the blood flow and oxygen supply to muscles and tissues

• Decreasing the risk of colon cancer

• Keeping anxiety, depression, and fatigue at bay

• Promoting psychological and emotional wellbeing

Orthopedic patients, diabetes patients and those suffering from heart conditions or weak joints may find it difficult to step out of the house for the aforementioned activities. Here are a few aids and equipment that allow you to exercise at home (or even your workplace), thus making it easy for you to incorporate a light workout session into your daily schedule.

Types of home exercising aids for senior citizens

1. Physical Exerciser 

Essentially a strength training tool that allows you to shape your thighs, core, chest, and arms, the Physical Exerciser is an indoor exercise device. It is basically an elastic band with one end that fits perfectly on your feet, while the other end (or handle) can be held in your hands. You can do multiple variations of pulling and toning exercises to strengthen your muscles.

Physical Exerciser

2. Foot Hold Exerciser Set 

Foot problems are common during old age and if you haven’t gotten yourself into the habit of maintaining basic physical fitness on a regular basis, these problems can turn into chronic ones. A lot of seniors complain about conditions like bunions, pronation, fallen arches, hammertoes, plantar fasciitis, and tight/cramping muscles and the main reason for all these issues is the lack of fitness. Viscco’s Foot Hold Exerciser Set has been designed to enable you to perform specific foot exercises at home, thus reducing tension by stretching key muscles. You will find several physiotherapists recommending the use of such devices for various purposes, including injury management, support, immobilization, muscle toning, and even weight loss.

Foot Hold Exerciser Set

3. Tummy Twister 

The Tummy Twister is basically a spinning platform, much like the ones you might see in modern-day gyms and health clubs. Ideally suited for those who want to do gentle hip, abdomen, pelvic and spine exercises, this portable device aids strength and flexibility. With magnets embedded at strategic acupressure points, its therapeutic waves also help regulate the blood flow in your body.

Tummy Twister

4. Tonomatic Exerciser 

Primarily used as a rehabilitation aid, the Tonomatic Exerciser is a fantastic tool for toning your muscles, strengthening your core and activating the cardiovascular system as well. This extremely compact and easy-to-use aid works with the pulley mechanism and allows you to carry out various toning exercises in the comfort of your home. Its carefully designed hand and foot grips ensure that it is easy for you to keep your feet in the right position at all times.

Tonomatic Exerciser

5. New Cycle Exerciser 

Cycling, as we mentioned above, is one of the best ways to keep your entire body fit and healthy. However, several physical conditions or injuries may restrict an individual’s ability to use an actual bicycle. Vissco has designed this compact stationary cycle exerciser for such people, so you can set it up anywhere in the house and keep your leg muscles and joints in perfect shape. What’s more, it also aids the flexibility of your hip muscles and helps deal with certain types of arthritis. And in case you suffer from chronic hip pain, you can opt for the Hip Cycle instead. Specifically designed to allow you to lie down and go through the cycling motions, this stationary exercise cycle helps develop your hamstrings, hips, quadriceps and abdominal muscles.

New Cycle Exerciser

6. Physical Resistance Band with Grip Handle 

Resistance bands (also known as therabands or active bands) are extremely popular workout aids for those who wish to do multiple exercises at home or in office. This particular resistance band by Vissco is made of soft-yet-strong rubber and has ergonomic hand grips at both ends, so you can customize your workout and also use it as a rehabilitation tool. These stretchable bands provide effective muscle toning, improve flexibility and endurance, and also help burn unnecessary fat on your body. A resistance band is portable and allows you to do a range of exercises, thus making it the perfect workout partner for people of any age!

Physical Resistance Band With Grip Handle

10 Awesome Workout Aids & Equipment for Seniors


Resistance Band Without Grip Handle


CLX Loops Band Theraband


Resistance Loop Band Theraband


Latex Resistance Band


Latex Free Resistance Band

7. Chest Expander 

Star’s revolutionary chest expander is just the perfect exercise aid that you need for toning your chest, shoulders, arms, core and upper back muscles. This upper body toning device is built using five high-tension latex tubes which you can remove or customize to suit your preferred tension levels. A superb tool for those who want to really get that upper body toned!

Chest Expander

8. Backrest for Yoga 

This universal backrest does what you don’t – it keeps your back in an ideal position when you sit. Designed to provide ample support and comfort to you when you sit down and meditate, Vissco’s backrest promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment. What’s more, you can even tie it to your office chair or car seat so you get the required support for your back even while you work or travel. Its antifungal properties and soft material make it extremely comfortable to use for long hours.

Back Rest For Yoga

9. Gel Exercise Ball 

These tennis ball-sized exercise balls help to improve your grip and are especially great for seniors who start losing strength in their hands. You can do hand and finger exercises which enhance dexterity, mobility and motor skills. Other advantages of using an exercise ball are that it helps release stress and can withstand any amount of squeezing.

Gel Exercise Ball

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10. BF 710 BodyShape Diagnostic Scale 

Now that you have an extensive list of exercise aids that can keep you in good shape from head to toe, here is a device from Beurer that can enable you to plan and track your workouts and activities. Its weight and activity tracking features, together combined with fun workouts for beginners as well as pros (on the accompanying Beurer BodyShape App), make for a fantastic battery-operated scale that fulfills all your needs. Its built-in features include 8 user memories, which can each store up to 30 measured values, and automatic user recognition.

Body Shape Diagnostic Scale

So, there you go! If you have been finding excuses to start working out, we hope these home exercise aids and equipment have made you excited enough to plan your weekly workouts and do them religiously. Seniority also offers light workout aids like weight cuffs, balance boards and hand grip exerciser sets that you can order online. Check out our entire range of home exercise equipment and take your pick!

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