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Heating Pads and Belts: One Solution for Different Types of Body Pain

Heating Pads and Belts: One Solution for Different Types of Body Pain

You might have noticed that a having bowl of piping hot soup, drinking a mug of hot coffee or hot chocolate, taking a long and warm shower or spending just a few minutes inside a heated blanket after a really long and tiring day can not only lift your spirits, but also inject a feeling of comfort and a sense of satisfaction (physically).

Have you ever wondered why this happens? This is because heat works like a charm in relaxing your body. It is no surprise then, that aching joints, muscles and tissues experience instant relief when heat therapy (also referred to as thermotherapy) is used to alleviate the discomfort.

Several doctors and medical professionals around the globe advocate the usage of heat therapy to treat soreness, stiffness and pain in muscles, joints and tissues. In most cases, heating pads and belts offer instant relief, thus eliminating the need for you to rely on medications (which might have certain side effects).


What is Heat Therapy?

Heat therapy, or the external application of heat to any injured or aching body part, works well in relieving pain and does so quicker than other forms of treatment.

The most common reason for any muscle aches or soreness is the accumulation of lactic acid in a certain body part. Lactic acid is said to build up when there is an insufficiency of oxygen and ‘good’ blood in the said area. This causes the muscles in that region to ache or become extremely sore, causing discomfort. The application of heat provides relief because it basically regulates the blood flow, pumping more blood to the affected region. This results in the elimination of any accumulated and unwanted lactic acid elements, ultimately decreasing or getting rid of the pain altogether.


In What Cases Should One Use a Heating Pad?

While heating devices and heating pads are extremely effective in addressing a wide range of aches, here are the most common ones:

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle cramps
  • Muscle injuries
  • Tissue injuries
  • Aching joints
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Post-surgery recovery

Different types of heating pads are used in order to treat or manage the aforementioned conditions and all of them work in a similar manner.

What is the Science Behind Applying Heating Pads?

Applying heat on the affected area helps dilate your blood vessels and increases perfusion to this region. Heat also stimulates the human body’s sensory receptors, sedates irritating nerve endings and increases the blood flow to the injured area. Heat therapy enables a quick drop in muscle tension, increasing tissue elasticity and flushing out any undesirable elements.

If you are looking to relieve any muscle or joint pain at home, a high-quality heating pad can be your best friend. A heating pad or heating belt is basically a cushioned device that is typically wrapped in soft fabric and provides quick relief from the aforementioned types of aches.

Electrically operated, heating pads are available in generic makes (that can be applied anywhere) as well as for specific body parts (such as neck, knee, ankle, shoulder, etc.). Let us take a look at some excellent heating products that we have handpicked for you!

Heating Pads to Treat and Manage Pain at Home

Are you on the lookout for the ‘right’ heating pad? Make sure you look at factors like cloth material, length of the cord, heat adjustment settings, safety feature and shape while choosing a heating pad for your needs.

Here are some of our bestselling heating pads and heating belts:

1. Orthopaedic Electric Heating BeltKnee - Activeheat Ultima Range

The knee is a body part that is prone to a lot of wear and tear as you age. After all, knees bear your body weight and are constantly under pressure when you walk, run, squat, play a sport or conduct any other physical activity that involves moving, getting up or sitting down.

2. Orthopedic Heating Pad for Joints - Expressions

This therapeutic heating pad relaxes the joint providing relief and comfort to pain caused due to various reasons. It offers two heat levels that can be adjusted as per your needs. This orthopaedic heat pad features multilayer insulation on both sides to retain the heat for effective use.

3. Heating Pad Electric For Back Pain Relief - SandPuppy

Electric Heating Pad by SandPuppy is easy to operate as it comes with an LED controller which lets you switch between 3 personalized heat settings. It comes with a unique heating fabric that ensures deep and soothing heat.

4. Heating Pad Ortho Universal - Tynor

This electric heat pad by Tynor provides a low level heat for many hours, which helps increase blood flow and may thereby reduce muscle aches. The heating pad has a soft outer fabric to offer feather touch, good aesthetics, it also conforms to body contours and helps prevent hot skin burns.

5. Multipurpose Heating Pad - SandPuppy

This Heating Pad is designed to uniformly heat the parts of your body that are in pain. It comes with an adaptor to control the heat intensity. Designed to uniformly spread heat over the affected area, the heat pad is made from Velcro fabric and can be suitably converted to fit the knee, back or shoulder.

6. Wireless Heat Therapy Strappr - SandPuppy

SandPuppy strappr, is a portable heat applicator crafted to soothe joint aches. Made with soft, Velcro fabric, the strappr features a compact design and ensures a snug fit to relax muscles, improve blood flow and to provide a comfortable feeling.

Safety Instructions While Using Heating Products

These heating pads and belts are medically tested and are certified safe for external application by people of all ages. You can trust the likes of Vissco and Beurer to design products that don’t cause any harm to the user. However, make sure you read the instructions and user manuals thoroughly before you use any product for the first time for directions to use, maintain and store the product.

It is advisable that you only use heat therapy or heating products once the swelling or inflammation has diminished. Heat can make inflammation worse, so avoid using these products in case of an acute injury.

Heating pads are ideally most effective when you use them to relieve muscle pain or stiffness. While all the aforementioned products are deemed safe for use by everyone, it is understandable that people with sensitive skin might be a little apprehensive about them. If you are still skeptical about the heat, you can place a soft cloth between the skin and the pad when you use it. It is recommended that you do not use the heating pad for more than an hour at a stretch, no matter what the nature or extent of your injury. The ideal period of use is generally between 10 minutes and 30 minutes, depending on the type of injury and the user’s comfort.


Benefits of Using Heating Pads or Belts

The mobility and durability of the aforementioned products make them ideal for usage. Since they are compact, you can carry these heating aids wherever you go. Plus, you don’t really have to wait for an injury to happen – it is best to be prepared with pain relief devices like these at home, especially if you have a senior living with you. Senior citizens experience some kind of pain or stiffness in different body parts quite frequently. Equipping them with heating pads can enable them to address the discomfort without having to schedule a visit to the doctor every time they experience any uneasiness.

Apart from electric heating pads (like the ones mentioned above), you also get chemical heating belts, moist heating pads, microwaveable heating pads and infrared heating aids. At Seniority, we have a massive range of heating pads and compression products that are made to provide relief from chronic pains, injuries, soreness, stiffness and several other medical and physical conditions or disorders. Browse through our entire inventory, take your pick now and get free shipping on all products!

Here’s wishing you a speedy recovery and hoping that these heating products help you heal quicker and better.

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