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A Guide to Buying Backrests for Seniors

A Guide to Buying Backrests for Seniors

Back pain affects 80% of people worldwide and is considered one of the most common complaints that doctors address daily. It is a leading cause of disability.

Though factors like an injury or an underlying medical condition may contribute to back pain, an incorrect sitting posture not only aggravates an existing condition but in most cases, it’s the primary cause of the back pain.

To reduce or avoid back pain, the right backrest for your chair, bed or your car, can prove very beneficial.


Why Do Seniors Need Backrest Supports?


Seniors may not have access to chairs with the right seat depth or furniture that has been designed with age-related back ailments in mind. Conditions like back pain can get worse due to bad posture, and backrests can help prevent further complications and keep the right posture at all times, no matter where you go.


What are the Benefits of Using Backrests?


The health of our spine is affected by how we sit and what we sit on. Backrests that are ergonomically designed provide the correct support to your posture, weight and lumbar while you are sitting, or lying down. Poor posture places undue pressure on your lower back, especially on the discs that make up the spinal column. The two lowest vertebrae of the lumbar region, L4 and L5, which are also the largest in the lumbar spine, are most prone to damage.


What Types of Backrests Are Available in the Market?


Depending on your need, there are various options of backrests to choose from. Select an orthopedic backrest to ensure a correctly aligned spine and for increased back support and comfort.

The premium wooden handcrafted backrest with beads can target pressure points and relieve back, neck, and spine pain.

Other alternatives include the lightweight portable backrest that features a foldable option or the executive backrest which can be used in the office and also as a car seat to relieve a strained back while driving; the list is endless.

With the many options available, and an extensive range of backrest supports to choose from, it is essential to know how to find the right backrest support.


How to Choose the Best Backrest for Yourself


Here are some important points to consider when buying a backrest support.

  • It should provide excellent pelvis support
  • It should be the right size for your back. Choose from standard sizes like small, medium, large, or order a customized one
  • It should have angle adjustability in the back support
  • It should be adjustable in height and width
  • The material used should be strong and durable
  • Weight and comfort should be given special attention


10 Great Backrest Support Products for Your Comfort


Here’s a selection of some of the best ergonomically designed backrests.

1. Bed Comfort Wedge - Pedder Johnson

This Bed Comfort Wedge by Pedder Johnson can be used as a multi-purpose comfort wedge pillow. It eliminates the need to stack pillows that constantly shift. It provides ample support and comfort not only to your aching back but can also be used for your head, neck, legs, or feet.


  • Useful for positioning people with oesophageal reflux
  • Elevates and supports head, neck, back and shoulders
  • Offers adequate sitting support for patients requiring head, back elevation
  • Can be used for leg and foot elevation
  • Offers comfort from respiratory ailments, leg ankle and foot discomfort

2. New Ortho Hospital Backrest For Use On Bed-Unv –Vissco

The New Ortho Hospital backrest is a portable product. It is easily adjustable to various angles and is used to keep patients sitting upright on the bed or floor. It’s ideal for elderly, bedridden patients.

An ergonomically designed product, this backrest helps prevent wrong seating posture on any seat. Its extra-wide side wings provide additional support to the lower back while helping to maintain correct sitting posture. This backrest is also suitable for office or car seats.


  • Offers correct spinal support
  • It’s lightweight and portable
  • Helps reduce post-surgery discomfort and pain
  • Improves posture when placed on poorly designed chairs
  • It’s an antifungal, skin-friendly product

3. Pillow Massager - Evercare by Seniority

With a compact, slim and sturdy design, the Pillow Massager is ideal when you want instant relief from neck pain and back pain. This 15-minute massage treatment delivers a powerful and intense shiatsu massage.

Its 4 nodes rotate in opposite directions to help relax and relieve muscle tightness. Use it for pain relief at home, in the office, or while driving your car.


  • A compact, slim and sturdy design; can be strapped to any chair
  • Easy to use
  • DC input Voltage : 12 volt
  • Input Current : 1.5 - 2.0 amp

4. Shower Chair With Backrest - Vissco

An easily adjustable, waterproof shower chair by Vissco that helps ease your daily bathing routine. This chair comes with a backrest for extra back support.


  • Made of steel
  • Easy to clean and manage
  • Strong and durable seating (can take weight up to 100 kg)
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Height adjustable
  • Provides extra back support

5. UM Backrest Support - United Medicare

United Medicare presents the UM backrest support, made from high-density PU foam, which relieves anterior pressure on the vertebrae. It has side support that enhances comfort and helps correct body posture.


  • Anatomic design maintains correct posture
  • Reduces pressure on vertebrae
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High density moulded foam
  • Removable and washable cover

6. Lumbar Support Air Backrest - EMG ErgoTech

This lumbar support air backrest made from high-quality TPU material is ideal for daily use on any kind of seating/chair.

The TPU material lets the cushion hold its shape for a long period of time, and the interconnected air cells and 3D airflow channels help in even distribution of pressure. This helps support the natural curve of the back and promotes a healthy sitting posture.


  • Made from pure TPU material
  • Lightweight & portable
  • Features 3D airflow channels
  • Has a non-slip base
  • Removable & washable mesh cover

7. Back Support Mesh Prime - Star

Easy to carry and use, the Mesh Prime is recommended by doctors to help relieve back pain. It provides lower back support and helps improve body posture. The raised nodes provide a massage feature that can relax back muscles.


  • Can be fitted on almost any seat
  • For use at home, in the office or the car
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Spring cushion effect provides valuable support & added comfort

8. Ortho Lumbar Pad - Transval

The lightweight and easy to position lumbar pad helps you in maintaining a good posture while at home, office or while driving. It can also be used while lying down. It provides relief for chronic back pain.

Made from high-density orthopedic grade moulded foam, it is a great portable solution to your back problems.


  • Lightweight and adjustable as per the user's comfort
  • Helps maintain the correct posture
  • Can be used in the office, home or while driving

9. Back Buddy - Back and Neck Support for Senior Citizens – Transval

This ergonomically designed backrest has an in-built spring steel frame that provides support and ensures correct body posture. Its specific contour replicates the natural curve of the lower back and supports the shoulders, reducing fatigue and drooping. It is perfect for use during and after pregnancy.


  • Helps reduce back and neck pain due to bad posture
  • Useful for all offices, automobiles, industries, cars, homes and hospitals
  • The high back design offers lower and upper back support as well as cervical support
  • Most comfortable for use during and after pregnancy
  • Provides relief from facet-joint syndrome problems allied with wheelchair use
  • Reduces the severity of whiplash injury while driving

10. Backrest (Moulded Foam) – Samson

This anatomically designed backrest maintains the natural low back curve and also helps maintain the spine in its neutral position. It takes the pressure off your lower back and redistributes it evenly.

Beneficial to not only those who have ailments due to injury or age, but also perfect for everyday use in the office or home.


  • Made with high-density moulded foam
  • Maintains the natural low back curve and relieves the anterior pressure on the vertebras
  • Has superior cushioning properties, which provides extra support while sitting in an upright position
  • Has a removable and washable cover

A strong, pain-free back can make any day easier to deal with. Take care of yourself and happy shopping!

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