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8 Awesome Types of Moms & Fantastic Products for Them

8 Awesome Types of Moms & Fantastic Products for Them

Tujhe sab hai pata, hai na maa?

Prasoon Joshi couldn’t have put this feeling in better words. It perfectly reflects our relationship with the most important person in our life – our mother. Maa, mother, mom, mummy, mommy, ammi, amma, aai, mum, mère, mata, matoshree, máthair, madre, mãe, unina, talli… no matter what the language, geography or age, this feeling is a universal constant.

12th May is just around the corner and while we celebrate Mother’s Day every single day of the year, it is never a bad time to give her something to remind her that she is special!

On a lighter note, there are various types of mothers and we have tried to categorize the most common and interesting ones – in terms of personality, character, attitude and state of mind. We have mapped certain products and ideas that go hand-in-hand with each category. So, the next time you feel like gifting her something, you know where to look!

We all know the following types of mothers – if it isn’t your own, we are pretty sure you must have come across other women (moms) who fit these descriptions perfectly.

Can you figure out which of the following buckets your beloved mom falls into?

The Tech-Savvy Mom


While we thought new technology would capture the imagination of only millennials, we were so wrong. The elderly generation has caught on to the tech revolution as much as the younger generation has and there is rarely any urban household where you won’t find a mom acing the smartphone-laptop-tablet game. From social networking platforms and media streaming apps to online recipes and news, this is the multitasking type of mothers. They will find enough time in the day to not only take care of their family, house and profession but also catch up on their daily dose of gossip, updates and content. This kind of mom doesn’t need to be ‘taught’ how to use new devices, she is a gadget queen! Here are few gifts your geeky mom would love to have.

 Wooden Induction Wireless Speaker – For moms who love their music and like a bit of style when it comes to binge-listening to their favourite tracks!

 WIQD Smart WiFi IR Universal Remote Control – For control freaks, mothers who like to dictate their terms and people who like to get things done in a jiffy.

 Soulfit Sonic V8 Fitness Band – For health freaks who like to keep a tab on everything – right from the heart rate and calorie intake to physical activity and sleep schedules.

 Silicone Shockproof Apple Airpod Cover with Carabiner Hook – For iPhone/iPad/Mac users who love to use their fancy Airpods when they are on the go.

 Seniority’s Talking Alarm Clock with Projector – For mums who like waking up early and seniors who have hearing/vision problems.


The Always-Worried Mom


Also referred to as ‘Helicopter Moms’, this type of mother is overprotective for a reason. She worries way too much about the wellbeing and safety of her children. She’s the kind of mom who ensures she helps her child get on to the school bus, follows her kids to every class they take and keeps a close eye on their activities when they are out playing with other kids. They say as you grow older, you start behaving like a child again. You tend to become forgetful, act without thinking and your memory gets smaller than that of a goldfish. It is now time that you started worrying and caring for your mother, as she lives through her golden years. Give her a blanket of security and assurance that you are always around.

Parsons Bodyguard Personal Mini-Alarm with Flashlight – A handy device that acts as a reliable companion to moms who stay alone, go for long walks in the evening and might need to call for help in case of an emergency.

TigerTRACK Wearable SOS Tracker/Caller – For the adventurous mothers who love to sport new devices and travel alone often.


The Stressed-Out Mom

Platinum Massager

Family responsibilities, work pressure, managing the house, taking care of daily chores, looking after the elders in the house and managing kids is more difficult than you think. Your mother has donned several hats over the years, making sure she multitasks with ease and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that the people around her are happy. One of the things we take for granted includes the fact that mothers, too, feel tired. In fact, ask any mom how she feels at the end of every day – the equivocal answer to that would be “exhausted”. How can you then ensure that she gets her due of relaxation and revitalization? Well, there are products and devices that can help your mums de-stress and drive all the fatigue away. Check them out:

KosmoCare Neck and Back Shiatsu Kneading Massager – For the overworked mothers who need to relax and loosen their upper back and neck muscles.

Kawachi Air Pressure Therapy Leg Massager – For moms who spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen or walking long distances.

Star Platinum Massager – A battery-less massager for ageing moms who need to be reminded that they still look stunning!


The Diva Mom

Beauty Magic Combo

Of course, every mother is a diva in her own right, but there are a few who are made to shine like the brightest stars. This kind of mommy is always striving to look her best, dressed in the most in-vogue clothes, and her hair and makeup always seem to look flawless. She’s a complete fashionista and her skin glows like she is just 25 years of age! She’s got it all – the looks, the attitude, the mannerisms and the skills to ace it on the red carpet, given a chance. If you can totally relate to this type, well, it’s time you pampered your diva mum with some amazing products, including the likes of:

 Deemark Power Perfect Pore – For mothers who need a bit of skin pampering and conditioning to maintain their natural beauty.

 Johara Anti-Ageing Creamy Cleanser – A gentle, natural makeup remover and facial skin cleanser for everyday use (great for all types of skin).

 Beauty Magic Combo (Massager, Peel-Off Mask and Magic Mirror) – A great gift for mums who love their skincare and makeup routine.



Diet Box

Call her a fitness freak or a self-aware individual, but this health-conscious mother is always giving herself a tough time. Weight management, diet, exercise, skincare and sleep are on the top of her priority list and she hates to compromise on any of these things. She runs marathons, goes for treks, has a strict evening walk schedule, hits the gym or pool whenever she can and also pushes other family members to get serious about their health. However, weight management isn’t as easy for some people as it is for some others. Have you ever thought how you could make your mom’s ageing process smoother and ensure that she stays on top of her fitness game? Well, we have some ideas and products that can help:

 Fabbox Diet Box (Health Bars, Seeds and More) – For moms who put health and diet before everything else.

 Shemaroo’s Love Yourself (Break Free – Bipasha Basu) – For Indian mothers for whom dancing and workout mean the same thing.

 Rujuta Diwekar’s Women & The Weight Loss Tamasha – For mums who love reading, working out and following strict diets.

 Fitness Secrets of the Stars (RK Mukherjee and Devyani Ghosh) – For the celeb-obsessed mothers who love to binge on interesting trivia about stars and like following their idols in terms of health and fitness.


The Masterchef Mom

Pizza Maker

Maa, aaj khaane mein kya hai?” Think mom, think food. That’s what we have been accustomed to since our childhood, haven’t we? Well, some mothers are so brilliant at what they do in the kitchen that it makes you wonder why she doesn’t run her own restaurant or café. We are sure you must have joked about it a couple of times, especially when she has dished out a storm on the plate at lunch or dinner. She doesn’t cook because she ‘needs’ to, but because she ‘loves’ to. From Baingan Ka Bhurta and Butter Chicken to pastas, pizzas and 7-course meals, she can do it all within minutes! And oh, she hates it if she doesn’t get to watch her regular dose of Masterchef episodes. Here are a few handy products that can make life easier in the kitchen and add a new dimension to her love for cooking: 

 HappyLivo VERDU Vegetable Mini-Chopper with 2-Speed Mechanism – For kitchen queens who might need a hand with the chopping and cutting of veggies every day.

 Wonderchef Click Space Saver (3 Pcs.) with Free Kitchen Tools – A stylish set of cooking equipment that won’t crowd the kitchen – the perfect gift for your mom!

 Wonderchef Pizza Italia 25 cm Pizza Maker – A handy tool for mothers who prefer making pizzas at home rather than ordering in from pizza chains and outlets.


The Organized Mom

Magnifying Glass

Why is your room always so messy?”

Why aren’t the clothes neatly ironed and folded?”

Why is there so much dust on the TV screen?”

Why aren’t important documents properly organized in folders?”

Why are the medicines and tablets all over the place?”

You’ve got to admit that most mothers are like that. Don’t we all hear these (and other similar) questions from our moms on a regular basis? Some people like to be organized and there is nothing wrong with that. Check out some of these multi-dimensional and varied products that can help calm her down and watch her smile contently as the house and the many items in it are how (and where) they should be:

4-Layer Pill Organizer (Daily/Weekly) – For moms who might need help with organizing their daily and weekly medicines and tablets.

Pocket Magnifying Glass with LED Lights – For moms who struggle to read fine prints and small fonts due to weak eyesight.



Electric Heating Pad

She keeps complaining about getting old (although she’s still 18 at heart). Age, physical stress, natural wear and tear, and medical problems have made life tougher for her as she has spent a good part of her life juggling responsibilities and taking care of not only her own self, but her husband, kids and other family members. Some of the following products could be fantastic for moms who need a bit of extra care in their golden years: 

Antibacterial Diabetic Cooling Socks – For mums suffering from diabetes, who might need a bit of extra footcare.

 Vissco Orthopaedic Electric Heating Pad (Mini) – A must-have for all households, especially if you have ageing individuals who suffer from frequent muscle pain, cramps, etc.

 Mini USB Electric Massager – A fantastic, compact product for moms who are always on the move. 


The Expert-in-All-Walks-of-Life Mom

We are pretty sure all mothers fall in this category. No matter what the question, she has an answer for you. No matter what the problem, she has the solution. No matter what her area of specialization, she will make sure she gives you her piece of advice on everything. She will tell you to apply sunscreen even if you are only stepping out of the house to go to your neighbour’s place. She will oil your hair and scalp by hook or crook because – baal jhad jayenge! She will use home remedies to find quick solutions to everyday problems and health issues, too. Here are a few things you can gift her so that she stays cool and awesome:

 Mist Spray Water Bottle – A 2-in-1 product that can give your mother much-needed company this summer!

Mini USB Fragrance Air Conditioner Cooling Fan – A portable mini AC/fan for moms who need some cool air and great fragrance around them during harsh summer days.

So, did you figure out what kind of mom you have been blessed to have? Did you find one specific category to be more relevant and relatable to your mom? Or was it a combination of types? Let us know what kind of gifts you would like to give your mom (in the comments below) and we will help you figure out some great gifting ideas and products. From physiotherapy aids and daily living products to books and music, we have it all!



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