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7 tips for ageing yet healthy hair

7 tips for ageing yet healthy hair

Brittle hair, hair thinning, hair loss, visible scalp, dry scalp, dandruff, itching, frizz, hair loss and a general dip in the quality of hair – if you have crossed the age of 50, it is natural to experience one or more of these problems. No matter how beautiful or thick your hair was back in the day, ageing causes your hair fibers to become thin and drop out; never to regenerate. Your follicle-stimulating fibers, too, diminish and the pigment cells are unable to produce enough pigment. However, the battle is not necessarily lost (unless you have lost all the hair on your head already!). Losing 100-150 hairs on a daily basis is NORMAL for any human being – so don’t freak out the next time you see a bunch on the bathroom floor! You can, nevertheless, benefit a great deal from the following set of tips, home remedies and hacks that we have specially curated for you.

  1. Protect

With the growing levels of pollution in India, it is easy to attract, absorb and retain dirt in your hair or scalp. Make sure you protect your hair from pollution, sunlight, heat, and rains. Your daily practices may also have a direct or indirect effect on the health of your hair. For those of you who have long hair, avoid tying them up too tightly.

  1. Wash

A dirty scalp can not only end up making you feel unclean but also cause long-term damage and infections if not cleaned regularly. Shampoo your hair frequently (although we do not recommend a daily wash) and use a conditioner thereafter, preferably of the same brand/line. Concentrate on applying the shampoo on the scalp and the conditioner to the tips of your hair. Avoid washing your hair with steaming hot water – it is best to use cold (or room temperature) water for your hair wash.

  1. Nourish

When it comes to taking care of your hair, there are several home remedies and natural ingredients that, when used correctly, can enhance the quality of your hair or help fight common hair problems. Here are a few:

  • Remember what your grandma or mother told you when you were a kid about oiling your hair? Well, it stands true even today and is probably even more relevant today. A rigorous oil massage can not only help you feel relaxed but also exfoliate the scalp and regulate the blood flow.
  • Apart from all the goodness that beer promises, it is also a great rinsing agent. You could opt for a beer shampoo, use flat beer to wash your hair, or use your favorite beer as a spray on shampooed and towel-dried hair. Thank us later for the shine and texture!
  • Curd, apart from being great for your tummy, is also considered to be a fantastic natural hair product. Conditioning your hair with a little bit of curd and rinsing it off after a few minutes can help fight hair problems like dandruff and frizz. Add a little bit of aloe vera and lemon juice to make it even more potent.
  • Love mayo? Ever heard of a mayonnaise mask? Just take a couple of spoons of mayo and massage it into towel-dried hair and keep it on for about half an hour. When you wash your hair later, you will notice the deep conditioning that it provides, leaving your hair fresh and hydrated.
  • Eggs have been known to make your hair soft and silky-smooth. Massage your head with a mixture of egg yolk, a few drops of olive oil and vitamin E oil and leave it on for about 10 minutes before washing it off with shampoo.
  • Honey, too, is a great ingredient that you can add to your daily hair care routine for great results. You can either add some honey to your shampoo or conditioner or simply apply a paste made from honey and ripe banana – as long as you follow this routine regularly, soft hair won’t be too far away!

Hibiscus, fenugreek seeds, pomegranate, and Amla are some of the other natural ingredients that nourish your hair and soothe your scalp.

  1. Dry

Dry your hair cautiously after every wash (or in case you get wet in the rains). Unlike common practice, it is not good to rub the towel against your wet hair. Doing this will only lead to more hair breakage. Instead, blot dry your wet hair with a soft towel. Indian women also like to wrap the towel around the head/hair after a shower – this can again lead to increased hair fall or breakage.

  1. Care 

It might seem contradictory to what you have heard or read, but a cotton pillow cover can cause friction between the fabric and hair – causing hair breakage. It is best to use satin pillow covers and get rid of the cotton ones you have. Be wary of the brush or combs that you use every day. Although plastic brushes are very common in Indian households, we suggest switching to a wooden brush instead. Colouring, dyeing or bleaching may seem like a natural thing to do when your hair starts greying, but it can do more harm than you might think. It is best to flaunt your natural hair color (think George Clooney) and ditch the chemical-laden cosmetics and styling products as far as possible. And we hate to break your hearts, ladies, but straightening irons and curlers, too, might not be your best friends at this age.

  1. Trim

Chopping off the ends of your hair every few weeks can actually help keep your hair in good shape (literally and figuratively). Getting frequent haircuts can keep split ends at bay and also aid faster hair growth.

  1. Nutrition

Eating healthy is very important since the essential nutrients you need for great hair will come from the food you eat. Make sure you consume foods that are rich in vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B7/B3, minerals, andproteins. These seven pointers can go a long way in ensuring the good health of your scalp and hair. If you are looking for herbal or ayurvedic hair products online, head to our section dedicated to hair care. Here’s to longer, stronger and healthier hair!   To receive more engaging updates from us on a daily basis, subscribe to our WhatsApp channel: https://bit.ly/2mxgGRk  

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