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5 Fun Activities for Seniors to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Health

5 Fun Activities for Seniors to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Health

Right from when you are a kid to when you are in your teens or adulthood, you are always on the lookout for activities to keep you engaged and entertained. Activities like sports, swimming, dance, music, painting and performing arts keep us affianced and busy. However, post-retirement, there comes a time when you lose touch with the things you love doing or things that can potentially keep you busy.

No matter what the age, keeping in touch with your social side and stimulating your brain and body are extremely important (especially during old age, when it might seem like you do not have much to do). In such cases, a person’s mental state can suffer a major blow, and within no time, it could result in long-term problems such as deterioration in health and anxiety disorders.   

Seniority has drawn up a list of five most-loved activities that can help keep the elderly entertained, physically active and socially connected:

5 Excellent Social and Physical Activities for Seniors

1. Gardening

The elderly love gardening! Equip them with the essential gardening tools and equipment they need and they will transform your home garden into something beautiful! Trust us, they are naturally gifted! Gardening activities can not only give senior citizens a good workout but also help them spend their time doing something they love. The radiant smile you will see on their faces when their garden blossoms will be incomparable. 



2. Charitable Work

The older generation enjoys the fact that they can give back to society. Why not help them indulge in some charitable activities like donating to those who really need things that you have in abundance? You could also guide them to an NGO or local body that is always on the lookout for some extra helping hands.

 Charitable Work


3. Fishing or Boating

Consider getting your parents or grandparents a fishing rod if you live near a water body that has fish in abundance. Trust us, they will absolutely love it! Fishing is an activity that can help you de-stress and take a break from the anxieties of life, and so can boating. Experiencing the joy of spending a day out on the lake is second to none.   

Fishing or boating


4. Socializing

Who doesn’t like meeting new people and making new friends? There is a high possibility that after a specific age, certain factors contribute to a general decline in the amount of socializing an individual does. Whether it is meeting friends, going for parties, spending time with the people you like, partaking in group activities or staying in touch with your loved ones, a person needs that ‘social connect’ especially during old age. Help the seniors around you socialize with like-minded people. Joining laughter clubs, being a member of a health club, involvement in social work and other such activities can help them meet and interact with new people.



5. Reading Books

The older generation loves reading! As opposed to our general love for the digital mediums, senior citizens prefer reading the daily newspaper, an interesting novel, autobiographies of people they look up to and even magazines with good content. Reading can not only stimulate the brain cells and expand the length and breadth of a person’s knowledge, but also make for a great leisure activity that adds value to your life. Make sure they have access to different kinds of books and reading material by signing up for a local library or even scouting the internet for a variety of books.

Reading books

It is likely that seniors who do not have a lot to do every day may suffer from sleep disorders, boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and depression. Fun activities like the ones mentioned above can enable the elderly to stay occupied on a daily basis and also improve their health (both physical and mental). Talk to your parents and grandparents about the things they would like to do and play your part in keeping them physically, mentally and emotionally fit during their life’s second innings.

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