15 Water Rich Fruits to Keep You Hydrated During Summers

15 Water Rich Fruits to Keep You Hydrated During Summers

As the temperatures begin to climb during these summer months, senior citizens are at higher risk of conditions like dehydration, heat strokes, etc. Underlying conditions such as congestive heart failure, diabetes, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), can pose a great threat to their health.


Have you ever wondered why senior citizens are at a higher risk of dehydration and heat strokes?

This is because, as we age, our body’s capacity to absorb water decreases as compared to that of a younger person. Seniors are also often less likely to recognize their thirst or understand when they are becoming dehydrated. If you are a caregiver, it is important to make sure that your senior is drinking enough water especially when the temperature is high, and the summer sun can drain their energies easily.

Here are a few tips for you to protect yourself from the summer heat:

  • Drink 8-ounce glasses of water or more in a day to stay hydrated
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol as these beverages can cause dehydration
  • Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing during summers
  • Avoid going outside during the day as much as possible
  • Use SPF sunscreen protection if you are heading outside
  • Cover yourself with gloves, sunglasses, or a hat
  • Watch out for warning signs such as high body temperature, nausea, rapid pulse, headache, dizziness, or confusion
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content


Importance of adding water rich fruits in your diet during summers:


As we all know, 60% of our body is made up of water. There is no doubt that every system in our body requires water to function properly. Water plays a vital role in performing various functions for the body such as, regulating the body temperatures, eliminating the harmful toxins, carrying essential nutrients and oxygen to the cells, and providing a moist environment for the body tissues and joints to function effectively.

An effective way to help your body absorb sufficient water is by eating vegetables and fruits that hydrate your body, especially those which have rich water content. To satisfy the nutrient requirement in your body it is essential to eat fruits and vegetables that have high water content. These fruits and vegetables can provide sufficient fluids to keep your body nourished and healthy. Water-rich fruits can also be used to make juices, smoothies, or healthy snacks.


Eating vegetables and fruits rich in water content can help satisfy nutrient recommendations and keep you hydrated. If you don’t drink the recommended amount of water in a day, fruits and vegetables can provide you with supplemental fluid, keeping you nourished and healthy. Water-rich fruits and vegetables are popular choices for juices, smoothies, and snacks.

So now the question is which fruit has more water content?

Read the list below to find out 15 best fruits to eat in summer.


15 Fruits with Highest Water Content


While summers can be extremely exhausting and can force you to spend more time indoors to protect yourself from the sun, the exciting element of summers is those toothsome ice-creams and delicious fruits such watermelons, strawberries, pineapples and many more. The good news is, these flavourful juicy fruits have a rich water content which makes them healthy and also your best summer buddy. 


Here’s a list of 15 fruits that have high water content. We have saved the fruit with the highest water content for the last!

1. Mangoes – Up to 83% Water


We know how much you love mangoes and they are undoubtedly our favorite part of the summer season!

Mangoes are not only our favorite appetizing fruit but is also used in a lot of desserts. Don’t you love a glass of mango shake on a sunny day?

Known as the King of fruits and why not? Mangoes are great in aiding digestion. They are loaded with antioxidants and can, therefore, boost immunity. They lower cholesterol and promote eye health. All these factors make mangoes one of the best fruits in summer.


2. Blueberries Up to 84% Water


Popular for their tarty flavor, blueberries are used in several desserts like muffins, tarts, and cheesecakes. But did you know that blueberries have some exceptional health benefits?

Blueberries are a natural blood purifier and were also used to treat cough and cold during olden times. They are a super-rich source of antioxidants and can also boost brain health.


3. Apples – Up to 86% Water


We all believe in the wise words “An apple a day keeps a doctor away” and without a doubt it does!

A popular fruit during almost all seasons, apple is delicious and nutritious. Add them in your salads, smoothies, pies desserts, or eat them as a snack, apples never disappoint you. Apples are known to boost metabolic levels, improve heart health, and regulate blood sugar levels. They are loaded with ample vitamins and minerals to promote healthy bones, teeth, and skin.


4. Pineapple – Up to 86% Water


This delicious and juicy fruit is a favorite of many for its rich flavorsome taste. Pineapples are a great source of Vitamin C which is essential to fights against cell damage and for boosting your immune system. The high manganese content of pineapple improves bone health. It also has high fiber content and is loaded with antioxidants.


5. Apricots – Up to 86% Water


A rich source of dietary fiber, apricots can improve your digestion and increase metabolism. It is loaded with antioxidants is a great fruit for your heart health.


6. Oranges – Up to 87% Water


Oranges are a favorite fruit of those who love working out, the reason being that this fruit hydrates and energizes your body which is a must during workouts. Oranges have multiple health benefits like reducing cholesterol, improving heart function, and being a rich source of Vitamin C, they enhance skin health.


7. Plums – Up to 87% Water


Plums are a wonderful source of Vitamin A, C, K, Potassium, Copper, and Manganese. Plums can reduce inflammation and have a positive effect on your bone health. They can reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.


8. Papaya – Up to 88% Water


This fruit is extremely rich in Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants. Adding papaya to your diet can prevent cholesterol build up in your arteries, boost immunity, and can be an excellent source of Vitamins for people with diabetes and someone who wants to manage their weight.


9. Blackberries – Up to 88% Water


A summer staple and favorite addition to your breakfast, blackberries have a yummy taste and many health benefits. Rich in Vitamin C, adding blackberries to your daily diet can help heal wounds faster, regenerate the skin, help absorb iron, prevent the common cold, and cure digestive issues.


10. Peaches – Up to 89% Water


This hydrating fruit is both sweet and juicy.

Peach is considered as a stress-relieving fruit and is also known to fight cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin C and A in peaches are great for your skin health and the high fiber content for your digestive issues.


11. Cantaloupe – Up to 90% Water


This low-calorie fruit is used to prepare many lip-smacking desserts for its sweet taste and health benefits. Cantaloupe infused in water makes an amazing summer health drink!

Cantaloupes are a great source of Vitamin C and A which are essential to boost immunity. The high potassium content of cantaloupes aid in balancing blood pressure. Beta carotene in cantaloupe helps fight cataracts and improves vision.


12. Grapefruit – Up to 91% Water


Considered as one of the healthiest fruits all over the world, grapefruits have a tangy taste that can be enhanced by adding some sugar or honey. Grapefruit juice is a relish during the summers and can also offer you plenty of health benefits.

Due to its low-calorie value, it is perfect for people who are trying to manage their weight. The high potassium content of grapefruit can be excellent to manage blood pressure. It is also rich in fiber and antioxidants making it suitable for people dealing with digestive problems.


13. Strawberries – Up to 91% Water


A rich source of vitamin C, manganese, folate, potassium, B vitamins, and vital flavonoids, strawberries have several health benefits. Strawberries are extremely beneficial in keeping you safe from heart problems and are also great at keeping the bad cholesterol at bay. If you have digestive problems, adding strawberries to your diet can do wonders as strawberries have a high fiber content.

Add them in your ice-creams, desserts, or smoothies and experience the magic of this super fruit.


14. Watermelon – Up to 92% Water


 An absolute favorite of many during the summer season, watermelon is not only a delicious fruit, but it is also loaded with abundant nutrients. With a water content of about 90%, this wonder fruit helps in preventing the risk of heart diseases. Watermelon also helps in the production of amino acid arginine, which helps boost the immunity system.


15. Tomato – Up to 94% Water


If you did not know this already, you’re welcome!

Tomato is NOT a vegetable but fruit and the one with the highest water content.

A wonder fruit, tomato is not only a delicious addition to your everyday recipes but is also loaded with so many health benefits that you will love this fruit all the more.

The rich Vitamin A content of tomatoes can reduce macular degeneration which responsible for vision loss. This hydrating fruit reduces the risk of hypertension and can improve the overall health of your skin.


So, what are you waiting for? Take the full advantage of this season and enjoy your favorite fruits by either having them as a healthy snack or adding them in your smoothies, yogurt, ice-creams, or juices. If you are a sweet tooth but are also health-conscious, fruits are a great way to satisfy your cravings and also keep you healthy.

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